‘Merica was not built on fear.  ‘Merica was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand-

We have exactly 6.36 seconds to convey our message before you lose focus and start wandering off into the blog-o-sphere abyss…

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July peeps!!!

**For our dear friends reading in AlbaniaAndorraVanuatuCuba or maybe even in Rhode Island?  Here is what you are painstakingly missing today in Good Ole ‘Merica**


The Plan-

The Workout-


We fully expect you to show up tomorrow for our regularly scheduled program (Rest Day…) with all of your fingers and toes firmly attached peeps!  Have a great one today and ENJOY!!!

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Ziarul Adevărul a publicat în PDF teza de doctorat a lui Victor Ponta.

Am aruncat de curiozitate o privire pe ea. Știu ce înseamnă un doctorat. Deși n-am o experiență îndelungată în predare și cercetare, mi-e clar că, dacă un student de-al meu din anul I mi-ar preda un referat întocmit pe modelul tezei de doctorat pregătite de V. Ponta, ar pica fără multe discuții.

Precum se știe, presa internațională și presa din România s-au concentrat pe chestiunea foarte evidentă a plagiatului. Totuși, dacă ne uităm pe teza lui Ponta observăm chestiuni de formă care ar fi trebuit să-i facă pe membrii comisie să o respingă numaidecât.

1. Prefața lui Adrian Năstase

E prima teză de doctorat în forma ei nepublicată în care văd o prefață scrisă de coordonator. Victor Ponta a scris în 2001 o lucrare (Scurt istoric al justiției penale internaționale) a cărei prefață a…

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French Paintings

Bormes les Mimosas

One of my favourite place to visit in the Var department of Provence is the beautiful little hilltop village of Bormes les Mimosas. The steep old streets, many with steps, are lined with pastel coloured houses in shades of pink, cream and terracotta, overflowing with tubs and baskets of flowers. The main street , pedestrianised, is full of enticing little shops selling jewellery, clothes, bags, antique style items for the home, precious stones and an assortment of local crafts. The main road which skirts the village, never overly busy unlike on the coast only a few kilometres distant,  is bordered by magnificent tall palm trees and pavement cafes, from which there is a wonderful view of the Mediterranean.Cafe with a view over the village of Bormes les MimosasOld street in Bormes les MimosasGift Shop in Bormes les Mimosas

I think what makes Bormes special for me is the combination of colours, from the orange and cream of the buildings to the dark green of the palms and cypresses, from the…

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Emma's life unravel

My deepest apologies goes to all the people I ever invaded their privacy.

Almost every time I have a camera in my hand, which is quite often, I start with taking pics of the view and of me and my friends, but in the end, what defines a places atmosphere, its feeling, are the people.

Usually I snap my pictures without the subject noticing me, but every once in a while I get “caught”.

Once someone yelled at me to delete the photos, apparently he was some wannabe celebrity in L.A and thought I was the paparazzi.
In another time, the nice old couple asked to see the photo, they got so excited I ended up emailing it to them and got a wedding gig (their granddaughter) because of it.

I guess you never know.

Went to the park to snap some new “moments” photos, all were taken during the…

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