All have gone on ahead, and I am left here with me.
The ones that followed can’t find a passage to see.
That heart that reached in fell out far and strong
Forever, perhaps never- casting longing lifelong.

Songs that we sang before time took life’s hold
Come back to me, tearfully, in markings still bold.
I step to the tunes but get lost on past’s day.
None can come alive from yesterday’s way.

All have gone ahead and I am left here with me,
Breathing, heart beating, no chance to foresee.
Destiny runs through life’s path with such will;
Unsightly, heartbreaking, yet ours to love still.

Would that I ever might fathom the door
a portal, a calling that led me to more.
This a new heartbeat, one farther than mine
One born in the hope of God’s leading, His sign.

Here is the singular death of all past

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