Emma's life unravel

My deepest apologies goes to all the people I ever invaded their privacy.

Almost every time I have a camera in my hand, which is quite often, I start with taking pics of the view and of me and my friends, but in the end, what defines a places atmosphere, its feeling, are the people.

Usually I snap my pictures without the subject noticing me, but every once in a while I get “caught”.

Once someone yelled at me to delete the photos, apparently he was some wannabe celebrity in L.A and thought I was the paparazzi.
In another time, the nice old couple asked to see the photo, they got so excited I ended up emailing it to them and got a wedding gig (their granddaughter) because of it.

I guess you never know.

Went to the park to snap some new “moments” photos, all were taken during the…

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